Inner Tools for Transition

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 3:00am - 4:15am
Never before in the course of our history have we had to deal with the issues and stresses that we are faced with today. Our personal well-being is deeply affected by what is happening on our planet and in our community, in addition to the issues in our own lives. In this call; Julia will invite participants to share their particular challenges and concerns that are alive and present for them. She will then offer some of the most effective practices and tools she has found to meet these needs. Many of these tools have been gleaned from a variety of sources and insights from teachings in psychology; health and spirituality. She will also solicit the wisdom of those on the call to share their own personal practices and ways they have found to walk in this changing world with greater equanimity. In this way; we support each other in our journey of becoming a balanced; joyful and resilient human being; even in that face of all that challenges us. In so doing; we find that we can become far more effective activists serving this "great turning" we are part of.

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