Inner Transition for Everyone?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

There are two kinds of movement for change active in our world right now. Activists for social and environmental change focus on the big picture, society’s systems for living and the outer world. The personal growth movement focuses on healing and strengthening the personal and inner world of mind, feelings and body. Each has something to offer the other – and when a Transition group can include both it has the best chance of success.

This TeleSeminar will include:

·       A look at why it’s important to create spaces for connection, reflection and feelings during times of change and stress.

·       Ways of bringing Inner Transition to people who don’t usually make time for inner work.

·       Sharing challenges and solutions for those wanting to bridge the divide and bring inner work to all who want or need it.

Sophy Banks helped to set up the first “Heart and Soul” group in Transition Town Totnes in 2006, and has been supporting the inner dimension of the Transition movement from its centre ever since. She co-founded Transition Training and has taught Transition to people in initiatives around the world. A psychotherapist, family constellator, engineer and ex-footballer, she is interested in systemic approaches to all things.

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