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Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 11:00am - 12:30pm
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Sunnyside Piazza

Webinar Description:

We are currently facing a time of great ecological, collective and personal potentiality for how we can inhabit this planet more respectfully. Many of us struggle with feeling isolated and disempowered as we struggle to metabolize our grief and find ways to contribute to the solution. We believe that the act of reclaiming public space and “commons culture” is a pivotal pathway to finding our “place” within the larger movement for positive change in this world.

You will hear from two long-time community organizers about City Repair’s model of “village building” from its origin to present day applications in a wide variety of contexts. In this webinar, we hope to equip you with enough stories and tools for facilitating village building to creatively respond to the opportunities emerging in your community.

About This Webinar:

This free, interactive webinar is limited to 100 participants, so please register early! If all spaces are filled, you will still be able to watch a live broadcast of this event on the Transition US Facebook page. However, only those who have registered in advance will be able to participate in polls and ask questions of the speaker.

Webinar Presenters:

Ridhi HeadshotRidhi D'Cruz is one of three co-Executive Directors of City Repair. As an intercontinental cross-pollinator, sociocultural anthropologist, and permaculture educator who has been living in Portland since 2010, Ridhi participates, facilitates, and supports various initiatives in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Placemaking, Capacity Building, Houseless Advocacy, Native American Allyship, Cultural Sustainability, and Social Permaculture. She is also a passionate herbalist, urban wildcrafter, natural building and participatory technology enthusiast, animal lover, and urban permaculture homesteader. You can reach her at and



Sebastian's HeadshotSebastian Collet is a designer and community builder located in Sebastopol, California where he has hosted the Sebastopol Village Building Convergence. He has a background in Architectural design and Natural building and he served as the PlaceMaking coordinator for City Repair for a number of years when he lived in Portland, OR. Currently he lives on a multigenerational farm in California where he is focused on raising a family and building community. He is the executive director of the Village Builders in Sebastopol and V.P. of a specialty tension fabric design-build company called GuildWorks, Architecture of the Air. 



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