Legal Structures for the Transition

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

PLEASE NOTE: We sadly lost the recording of this amazing teleseminar, but much of the information covered is included in the handout linked above. Thanks for your interest!


Sprouting from the transition movement are many new organizations - transition groups, time banks, food cooperatives, urban farms, and many more projects that don't fit too neatly into traditional business entity models. In the new sharing economy, choosing and structuring a legal entity can be quite challenging!  Should you form a legal entity? If so, should your project be a cooperative or a nonprofit or something else?  If you are a nonprofit, would you get tax exemption 501c3, or one of the many other categories, such as 501c4, 501c7, 501c8, 501c10, 501c12, 501d, 528? What are key decisions to make in your legal structure documents? In this tele-seminar, attorney Janelle Orsi will provide a basic overview of the options and considerations.
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