Making The Transition Presentation -- Part 2: The Transition Story

Online (Free)
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - 5:00am - 6:30am

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Need to make a presentation about Transition? Looking for the best ways to frame the challenges (peak oil, climate change, economic instability), and how to inspire people with the Transition story?

Designed to be given by Transition Initiative leaders, a Transition presentation can be a powerful way to help raise awareness and inspire others in your community. This webinar will give you the tools you need to create your own full-blown Transition talk (up to one hour long). You can easily adapt the script and the PowerPoint slides to your own style, and for whatever situation you are called to speak. Armed with this summary of facts, images, and insights, you will have confidence to deliver your own Transition presentations with flair, authority, and a bit of humor.

Session Two (April 6, 2010)
This session covers the inspiring story of the birth of the Transition movement, the underlying principles that guide it, and how the movement has landed in the U.S. This part of the Transition presentation will give your listeners an uplifting vision of what's possible in your community, and will reveal to them the process by which your community can become resilient and self-reliant.


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