National Network Call on 'Transition, Politics & Social Justice: Where's the Line?"

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm


This call will be held on Monday, September 24th at 4pm Pacific Time, on Zoom at this UPDATED link:

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About this Free Online National Network Call:

In the news every day, we are reminded of the incredible urgency we face in these epic times. Whether it is climate chaos, economic instability and inequality, racial and social injustice, or some other form of extractive hegemony, we're seeing more and more examples of the need for big change.

But where do we, as the Transition Movement, intersect with this big picture and the wider Movement of Movements? The Transition Model calls for "building a bridge to local government," but does it stop there? How do we heed this call to advance the 'Great Turning,' while remaining as inclusive as possible?

Organizers in the Transition US community have recently convened a national Social Justice & Diversity Working Group to explore some of these provocative questions, and all across the country, grassroots Transition organizers are finding meaningful ways to nudge the system toward greater justice for all. One Transition Trainer, Shaktari Belew, recently published a book on political system change through the lens of Transition and Permaculture entitled How to Identify Political Species in the Wild. Another Transition organizer, Nils Palsson, has run for US Congress twice. Local Transition Initiatives are reporting more and more overlap with groups like Citizens Climate Lobby,, Indivisible, Black Lives Matter, water protectors and other activist organizations and political movements -- but some Transition stakeholders may have different political sensibilities entirely!

How do we effect the greatest change without creating unnecessary division? How revolutionary are we as a movement? How much should we dial back the militancy to attract the widest constituency? What is our optimal strategy at this moment in history?

You tell us! 

This two-hour call will begin with brief remarks from Shaktari and Nils on her book and his journey in electoral politics, and will open up into a robust community discussion, facilitated by the Collaborative Design Council's Theo Talcott and Sylvia Holmes, in which you are cordially invited to actively participate. Finally, we'll close with a more casual hangout session for callers to get to know each other.

These National Network Calls are a chance for us to convene, address salient topics, build a more connected movement, and grow authentic community. Join us!

This call will be held on Monday, September 24th at 4pm Pacific Time, on Zoom at this UPDATED link:

Note. You can also phone in!

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