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National Network Strategy Conversation: Local Government Collaboration

April 27, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT


In the second phase of our From What Is to What If: Reimagining and Rebuilding Our World campaign, Transition leaders from across the country are invited to participate in a series of National Network Strategy Conversations that will help inform and guide a new, transformative strategy for Transition US and the Transition Movement here in the U.S.

The series of National Network Strategy Conversations complements the Visioning and Stories to Action phases of our campaign. Together, these three elements represent the balance of Head, Heart, and Hands the Transition Movement strives to embody in our work.

Each of these Strategy Conversations will build upon a key theme that emerged from the feedback Transition US received from more than 60 movement leaders earlier this year. They will help us cultivate a shared sense of alignment around the strategic direction of our movement, as requested by Transition leaders from across the country (see pages 9-10 of our Strategic Planning Input Paper for more information). Transition US staff and board members will draw from the insights gained through this series to develop a strategic plan for Transition US that will best meet the needs of local, regional, and national Transition organizers across the country.

National Network Strategy Conversations will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm Pacific. To ensure our strategy is informed by the people who Transition US is designed to serve – local leaders who are actively working to transition their communities – participation is by invitation only.

Each session will begin with Transition US staff and other movement leaders framing the discussion topic, followed by two rounds of discussion in smaller breakout groups. Then, each breakout will have the opportunity to share their key takeaways with the whole group. Blog posts summarizing the outcomes of each session will be shared with our wider network.

If you are a contact for an official Transition Initiative, a member or alumni of our Collaborative Design Council, or leader of one of our national working groups, you will receive registration info via email. However, we will also welcome a limited number of additional invited guests from partner organizations and aligned community resilience groups. If you would like to be part of this conversation and are not part of one of the groups listed above, please contact marissa@transitionus.org.

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April 27: “Local Government Collaboration” Partnerships with municipalities may be one of the most important and effective ways for local Transition Initiatives to scale up their work, particularly during this time when governments at all levels are searching for solutions to climate change, economic recovery, and disaster response. 

 “We need to create models of resilience that can be applied on a local level-village, town, city, metropolis – showing how to do versus enabling the theoretical discussion.”-quote from survey respondent

How can local Transition groups scale up our work through strategic partnerships with municipalities? What kinds of skills and assets are needed to position our network for these types of partnerships? What kind of policies and ordinances are most needed, and how do we replicate them? What are best practices for policy advocacy? How do we get more Transition folks elected to local governments?

These and more are the questions we will explore together in this session. Additional background reading can be found in the section “Support TIs to Influence & Partner with Local Governments” on pages 14-15 of our “Strategic Input Planning Paper.”


April 27, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT
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