A New Story: Regenerating Communities in a Changing Climate

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
For more info and to register for this free webinar go to: https://www.changingworldproject.com/bob-stilger-newstories/

In 2018 NewStories and Transition US convened a learning cohort called "Stories to Action: Building a Community of Results". Through a series of salons, participants moved their ideas from inspriation into implementation. One of these ideas came to fruition when participant Chris Gilmour created, then implemented, his Changing World project


In this FREE webinar you'll have a chance to hear about Changing World and the inspirational work that NewStories and Bob Stilger are doing to regerate communities.




Beyond the devastation and destruction of disaster, and the fear of climate change, there’s an opportunity to consider what’s truly important in our lives. An opportunity to build things better than they are now.

What holds open that space of possibility?

We need a whole new paradigm around disasters. Disasters are no longer an infrequent phenomena. Climate, social, political, economic and personal disasters are dominant features in the landscape of our lives.

We must re-imagine our work of preparing for, recovering from, and rebuilding after disasters. This work is really about regenerating community.


About the Speakers

Bob is an activist, scholar, and author who has been working to help people co-create healthy and resilient lives and communities. His work takes him throughout North America as well as to Japan and many places in the Global South. He is also a founder of New Stories and Author of "After Now; When we can not see the future, where do we begin?" Bob is involved in helping communities recover from Fukushima in Japan and the Wildfires in California.  
Chris is the visionary behind  the Changing World community and movement. Changing Worlds mission is to re-empowering the human spirit, shift our story and ways, and help people develop confidence and peace of mind as we face a quickly changing climate and world. Chris bridges his background in ecology, homesteading and permaculture, wilderness survival, community building, and professional Emergency & Disaster Preparedness management into a holistic and empowering approach to uncertain times.


More info can be found here: https://www.changingworldproject.com/bob-stilger-newstories/


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