Politics and Policy in Transition Webinar Series – Transitioning to Utility-Scale Wind and Solar Through Grassroots Advocacy

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 11:00am - 12:30pm

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Part of the Politics & Policy in Transition Webinar Series. This series is hosted by the Transition US Politics & Policy Working Group. We have designed it to share successful models of policy approaches and political engagement that local Transition Initiatives and other community groups can take to begin transforming their local economic, social, cultural, ecological, and political systems. Each webinar will be devoted to a specific topic or example and hosted by people centrally involved in it. The goal is to share our stories with each other to deepen our own existing work and to brainstorm new initiatives to spread the Transition message as far and wide as we can!

A coal-fired power plant on the High Plains of Colorado is owned by four Northern Colorado cities. Residents of these four cities and a young Sierra Club organizer have come together with other groups to form a grassroots coalition that lobbied their city councils and their co-owned utility to transition to clean energy from coal by the year 2030. Hear about one city’s journey to move towards a 100% renewable energy future and how they pulled it off in a conservative community in Colorado. Learn about how the Sierra Club supports communities to move "Beyond Coal" and get to a clean energy future.

Co-sponsored by the Sierra ClubTransition Fort Collins, and Renewables Now Loveland.


Janice Lynne HeadshotJanice Lynne lives on the Northern Front Range of Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Always, she’s loved the place’s she walked, backpacked, and skied on this land that has been loved since ancient times by Native American tribes in her region. Her main motivation in life is to benefit Planet Earth. She learned about climate change when she returned from the Peace Corps service on a South Pacific island and got a job working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado. It was a stark awakening. Currently she co-hosts Transition Fort Collins and collaborates with individuals and groups on many Earth friendly and climate change projects, including getting our co-owned coal fired power plant off of coal and onto renewables.

Dick Mallot HeadshotRichard (Dick) Mallot is co-founder of Renewables Now Loveland (RNL), based in Loveland, Colorado. He comes to this effort to combat climate change from a lifelong career in software development and project management in several high tech computer companies. He actively started into the fight to stop the proliferation of fossil fuels in 2014 while working with another Loveland. CO organization, Protect Our Loveland (POL), to pass a ballot initiative to stop fracking Inside the city limits of Loveland, CO. While this initiative failed to pass, it did spawn other efforts in the same vein. From that initial effort, Richard formed (with Jane Clevenger) a group called Renewables Now Loveland whose focus is to eliminate the coal powered electric generation plant in Northern Colorado. This plant called Rawhide, is the biggest air and ozone polluter along the Front Range of Northern Colorado. More about Renewables Now Loveland can be found on our Facebook page at Renewables Now Loveland.

Jane Clevenger HeadshotJane Clevenger is co-founder of Renewables Now Loveland (RNL) based in Loveland, Colorado. She comes to this effort to combat the climate emergency from a career as a Recruiter and Teacher in the U.S. Army. She has been a Fractivist since 2014 and has continued fighting for clean air on the Northern Front Range of Colorado ever since. She currently co-leads Renewables Now Loveland and the is administrator for the Renewables Now Loveland FaceBook page at Renewables Now Loveland. Her love is her dog Bridgette Bardot. Her hobbies are antiquing, gardening, and having fun even while dealing with COVID-19.

Sarah Snead HeadshotSarah Snead is an Organizing Representative with the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign in Colorado. Sarah works with Sierra Club supporters across the state to build local grassroots power and shift Colorado communities to clean energy. With 6+ years of grassroots organizing experience, Sarah has led organizing work on everything from banning fracking in her home state of Maryland, to diversting her alma mater American University's endowment from fossil fuels, to fighting student debt and protecting reproductive rights. Sarah is passionate about transformational organizing & building community, and in her free time enjoys skiing, riding her bike, and baking sweet treats.

Don Hall, Transition US

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