Re-Weaving Local: Transition Towns & Timebanking

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

The alternative currency known as Timebanking seeks to re-weave community in a similar fashion to Transition: from the bottom-up. At its core, Timebanks gather neighbors together to accomplish simple tasks for one another.  At first, this seems to be a simple concept, but the small acts of helping neighbors, reskilling, and volunteering in community are at the heart of making Transition work. Timebanking, as a bottom-up tool to solve the problems created by the mismatch of unmet needs and unused skills, provides the space for the work of building true community through co-creation (rather than co-consumption.)

The work of timebanking and the Transition movement are deeply allied.  This TeleSeminar with Marie Goodwin of Timebank Media and Transition Town Media, PA will help you imagine “the more beautiful world your heart tells you is possible” through the lens of both transition and time banking. Its goal is to help Transition activists learn about how these two movements, Transition and Timebanking, deeply augment one another and become powerful tools when combined that help to engage communities in the important work ahead of us all.

About Marie Goodwin:

I am an archaeologist by training, but found myself much more interested in the modern stories of our culture than any ancient ones being thought up by academics. In addition to stories, I'm interested in activism and transition. I am on a great team of community builders that is Transition Town Media, and with their support founded the Media FreeStoreand Timebank Media. I am also passionate about issues relating to local food, herbal medicine, traditional cultures, new-story education and local economic resilience. For my day-job, I work in the gift with author/philosopher Charles Eisenstein.


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