REconomy Cohort: Catalyzing Local Economic Transformation

Monday, November 21, 2016 - 10:00am - Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 11:15am

Please note: registration deadline has been extended to November 15th.

REconomy is a project to reimagine and rebuild our economy to actually build community wealth and regenerate ecosystems, rather than exploit and extract wealth and resources from local communities. Learn more about the REconomy Project here. We're excited to have launched a new REconomy report on "25 Enterprises that Build Resilience" to provide models and inspiration for local economic transformation.

Beginning in November 2016, we’re launching a REconomy Cohort to support local Transition Initiatives and other community resilience projects that are ready to begin or deepen the process of local economic transformation. If you’re looking to start a local economy awareness-raising project, a resilience-building business, an economic enabler or economic evaluation, or other REconomy-related endeavor, we can probably help you!

Here’s how it works:

·         Participants have a one-on-one phone call with Transition US REconomy Project Coordinator to describe their local REconomy project vision and needs and be connected to relevant resources and experts (ex: fundraising, business planning, economic assessments, cooperative development, etc.).

·         Cohort (participants and REconomy Coordinator) meets virtually once a month from October-January to share project updates, ideas, and resources, troubleshoot and brainstorm together (we will take a poll to identify dates & times that work best for most participants).

·         Occasionally there might be special online meetings or teleseminars featuring experts or entrepreneurs with specific skill sets that are needed by cohort participants.

·         Participants can stay in contact and share resources outside of monthly meetings via an online platform.

Cohort Tuition is $25-50 sliding scale for members of Official Transition Initiatives, and $50-75 sliding scale for other community resilience groups.*

To participate in the REconomy Cohort, apply here by November 15th.

*Some partial scholarships available, contact if you need to request a scholarship.

Cheerful Disclaimer: Like the rest of Transition, the REconomy Cohort is a social experiment! We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please note that Transition US is not a business incubator or business development organization. Rather, we aim to provide peer-to-peer support and access to additional resources that can help you on your journey toward local economic transformation.

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