Regenerative Leadership for Social Change: An Eight-Session Online Training

Friday, August 14, 2020 - 4:00pm - Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 5:30pm

Please note that, due to an unprecedented level of interest in this training, registration is now closed. Please contact if you have any questions.


This course, formerly known as Transition Launch Training, has been designed to introduce current and aspiring social change activists to a regenerative approach to community leadership. Developed collaboratively over the past 14 years by more than 1,000 local Transition Initiatives in 50 countries worldwide, the Transition approach to cultivating more resilient, just, and sustainable communities from the bottom up has proven to be effective in a wide variety of contexts from big cities to rural areas, engaging and inspiring people from all walks of life.

Over the course of eight bi-weekly sessions, you will build mutually-supportive relationships with other participants, develop new skills and knowledge, create your own personal action plan, and receive guidance for overcoming the specific challenges you are facing.

Topics covered during this training include:

- How to make sense of our fast-changing and increasingly complex world,

- How to harness the power of positive vision to inspire others to action,

- How to form and nurture high performance in collaborative groups, 

- How to catalyze a diverse and vibrant movement for change in your community, and

- How to build and maintain inner resilience while doing the work that you love.

This online version of our most popular training is a unique opportunity to engage in a dynamic, international learning cohort from the comfort of your own home, at a lower cost and with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional face-to-face offerings.

Who Is It For?

This course is open to English speakers all over the world and will be highly beneficial for anyone interested in collective responses to address global climate change, further social justice, increase democratic participation, transform local communities, and prepare for an uncertain future.

How Does It Work?

This training will consist of a series of eight pre-recorded lectures from experienced Transition leaders, as well as eight 90-minute live Zoom meetings featuring interactive exercises and group discussions. We will also provide you with supplemental resources to explore, and access to an online discussion forum that you can use to ask questions and continue conversations in between live meetings. 

Please don't worry if you’re not familiar with online learning. We will ensure that everyone who registers for this course receives clear, easy-to-follow instructions and ongoing technical support.

Sessions at a Glance

Please note that live meetings will be held every other week on Thursdays from 11:00am to 12:30pm Pacific and 4:00 to 5:30pm Pacific, starting on August 27th. Once you register, we will send you an email asking for your preferred time. While we highly recommend that you plan to attend all eight meetings, you will also be able to follow along with the course by watching recordings of these meetings afterwards if your schedule prevents you from participating in real-time.

1. Introduction to Transition (August 14 to August 27): an overview of the course and best practices for setting up and growing a successful initiative.

2. The Global Context (August 28 to September 10): understanding how we got here, the interconnected social, economic, and ecological challenges we’re facing, and how we can respond most skillfully moving forward.

3. The Power of Vision (September 11 to September 24): harnessing a positive vision for social change that is both realistic and deeply compelling.

4. Cultivating Effective Groups (September 25 to October 8): bringing people together around a shared mission and developing practices that promote healthy collaboration.

5. Engaging Your Community (October 9 to October 22): raising awareness and building a diverse base of supporters that can lead to practical action.

6. Establishing Partnerships and Networks (October 23 to November 5): increasing your impact and reach through collaboration with other local organizations, businesses, funders, media outlets, cultural institutions, and government entities.

7. Exploring the Inner Transition (November 6 to November 19): supporting personal growth, inner resilience, and leadership development.

8. Bringing It All Back Home (November 20 to December 3): creating an action plan, sharing what you have learned with your group, and taking advantage of resources for ongoing support.


Don HallDon Hall has had the good fortune to participate in the Transition Movement in a variety of capacities over the past 12 years. Initially serving for two years as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Transition Colorado, he went on to found and direct Transition Sarasota from 2010 to 2016. Don was named Co-Director of Transition US in 2017. He holds a Master's degree in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University and is a certified Permaculture Designer & Consultant.

Michelle ColussiMichelle Colussi has worked in community and economic development for over 20 years with a focus on community resilience and organizational capacity-building and planning. She was a co-founder of Transition Victoria (BC) and their flagship programs: Building Resilient Neighbourhoods and Resilient Streets. She has delivered Launch Training since 2009 and chaired the University of Toronto's Transition Emerging Research Advisory Group.

Sally LudwigSally Ludwig is a co-founding member of Transition Guelph, with particular interests in the inner dimensions of personal and community resilience, ecological justice, effective collaboration, and social applications of Permaculture. She is a trainer for Transition and facilitator of the Work that Reconnects who worked as a relational therapist, educator, and consultant in systemic and eco-therapeutic approaches. Singing, making music with friends, and time outdoors are her keys to personal resilience. Secretly, she is a guerrilla planter of fruit trees and raspberry bushes.

Don Hall, Transition US

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