Relationships Through Transition

Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

Living in Relationship in a Community is a lot of hard work. It is, however, beautiful work that transforms our inner lives as we build resilient communities together. After all, using relationships instead of currency is the most powerful tool we have to transition our world into a more fun, just, and equitable place. 

Transition Lab’s success relies on learning to build, nurture, and maintain a highly complex network of relationships. This is radically different from the way relationships operate in the global economy, where most of us don’t get along with all of our co-workers, our bosses, or our landlord. We are taught to merely put up with them, as long as we are getting a paycheck. Conversely, at Transition Lab there is no monetary exchange for most of the work we do, and so relationships become the most important aspect of our lives. This leads to a lot of unexpected challenges because people in our society are completely unused to living this way. 

Our program has successfully pioneered relationships that provide affordable housing, power citizen engagement, and cultivate abundant local produce.  However, the biggest gift that we will end this year with is having developed the skillful means to live in these kinds of relationships. We think that this knowledge is essential for the Transition Movement, and want to share with you what we have learned.

Russell Evans is the Director of Transition Lab- a living laboratory where the nations most creative young minds gather to build a better future. Transition Lab was also the winner of the MIT CoLab's Local Solutions Contest for creating the most viable, effective, and replicable way to reduce CO2 emissions.

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