Special Event: Inhabiting RetroSuburbia with David Holmgren

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

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Drawing on his latest book, RetroSuburbia: The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future, Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren will show how our suburbs can be transformed into productive, resilient and sustainable places to live through garden farming. Growing food right where people live, in back and front yards, has environmental, social and psychological benefits. Garden farming in the household, non-monetary economy is complementary to commercial urban and peri-urban agriculture that, collectively, can be the heart of a resilient bio-regional food system.

About David Holmgren:

David Holmgren HeadshotDavid Holmgren is best known as the co-originator of the permaculture concept, following the publication of Permaculture One in 1978. 
He is globally recognized as a leading ecological thinker, teacher, respected writer, and thought-provoking speaker promoting the permaculture lifestyle as a realistic, attractive and powerful alternative to dependent consumerism. 
As well as ongoing home and teaching involvements in the practical side of permaculture, David is passionate about the philosophical and conceptual foundations for sustainability that are highlighted in his writing and independent publishing. 
David’s work has been critical in shaping permaculture as a world-changing concept, which may be one of Australia’s greatest intellectual export with significant world-wide recognition and prolific activation. His writings over those three decades span a diversity of subjects and issues, but always illuminate another aspect of permaculture thinking. 
Key publications include Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (2002) and Future Scenarios: How Communities Can Adapt To Peak Oil and Climate Change (2009) and most recently, RetroSuburbia: The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future (2018). 
At home, David lives with his partner Su Dennett on their permaculture property and demonstration site, Melliodora in Hepburn, Victoria.
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