Starting up and Running Local Economy Centers

Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

Kelley Rajala and Dave Feldman will discuss their experience starting up and running Local Economy Centers. A Local Economy Center is a place to incubate and showcase solutions for better, smarter living. These are community-based places where the new local economy is being built and grass roots economic development is put into action. Activities at 'centers' include visioning, mapping, research, planning, greening, training, experimenting and incubating around economic localization, rebuilding local food systems and bringing back local manufacturing as a few examples. Local Economy Centers embrace new thinking about what it means to be a healthy, resilient community and enables this positive vision for the future to come to life. Kelley Rajala and Dave Feldman are co-founders of the Livability Project helping to bring sustainable communities to life. 

Kelley started Sonoma County's BALLE network and was on the initiating committee for Transition Sebastopol. She opened California's first Local Economy Center, the Share Exchange and Made Local Marketplace in December of 2010. Dave is formerly an economic development specialist and is the co-founder of Bethesda Green, the east coast's first Local Economy Center. Bethesda Green has garnered widespread recognition in the Washington DC area for its leading edge programs and green business incubator.

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