Teens and Transition

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 11:00am - 12:15pm


Is there a role for teenagers in the Transition movement? How are Transition initiatives seeking to engage teens, and are their efforts working? Are there obstacles we need to overcome if we are to provide a meaningful place for teens in our work?

These are among the questions that led Evan Frisch to conduct a survey this spring of Transition initiatives across the U.S. about their interactions with young people, particularly teens.  While he was a member of Transition Albany in the San Francisco Bay Area, Evan found that many of the themes and actions of the Transition movement deeply resonated with his daughter, who is approaching her teen years.  In the Midwest where he now lives, connecting with Transition Des Moines prompted him to consider what new opportunities he and others might offer young people to advance the goals of Transition.

Evan will present findings from the survey that he conducted and the conversations it led to with others in the Transition movement.  He will also draw upon his training in anthropology to examine the significance of the teenage years as a liminal period in which formative experiences prepare young people for their future roles.  In this conversation, we will consider what experiences young people are presented with in our society and what roles they are being prepared to fill.

Our society is also experiencing a liminal period in which past expectations, such as unlimited growth powered by inexpensive fossil fuels, are breaking down, but a new paradigm is not yet established.  The resulting uncertainty makes it a challenge to consider how best to prepare teens for their futures.  This conversation will look toward ways to help young people develop personal resilience and agency as they learn to work with others to foster resilient communities.

The conversation will be hosted by Dianne Monroe, Youth Hub Facilitator for Transition US.

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