Timebanks and Transition: Movements Moving Together

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

Join founders of hOurworld, Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels, for a conversation on the role of time banking as we rebuild and transform our communities and local economies. hOurworld is a network of 116 time banks across the U.S., with more than 10,000 members who have provided and received more than 665,000 hours of service! In this teleseminar Linda and Terry will cover the history of timebanking; various models, structures, and funding mechanisms; resources available to those interested in getting started; sustainability challenges; and opportunities for and examples of collaboration between the Transition and Time Bank movements.

Linda Hogan is a Social Architect and Storyteller who was raised in a large family in a small, rural, college town in New Hampshire where the creation and practice of community currency was a valued norm. Relationships – true social security—are her definition of wealth, and exchanging time with others is her authentic lifestyle. Linda has been a non-profit administrator, community organizer and social architect working in the communities of New Hampshire and Maine for over 30 years. Her stories and skills have been shared around the country at conferences and in living rooms with kindred spirits. Linda is a happy founding member of hOurworld, and previously served as both a board member and Executive Director for Hour Exchange Portland and as a consultant to TimeBanksUSA.

Terry Daniels, Community Co-op Developer, combines entrepreneurial leadership skills practiced and honed as owner/operator of several businesses with particular interest and experience in community-based economics. Community Co-ops allow members to earn and spend time credits through group projects. They create exchange opportunities that normally do not happen in traditional member-to-member exchanges. Community Co-ops can also be a source of funding for the exchange via grants or projects performed in the cash economy. Terry helped create two community co-ops, Hour Exchange Portland's Step One Weatherization and Long Island Home Enterprise, a housing renovation cooperative. Terry loves to see that look in people's eyes, the shift in thinking and believing, when they are opening to a new possibility - realizing a wealth they never valued by asking for what they need and giving whatever they have. Terry goes through this shift himself and wants to share that with others in hOurworld.

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