Training for Transition - Big Sur, CA

Esalen Institute
55000 Highway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920
Friday, March 16, 2012 - 9:00am - Sunday, March 18, 2012 - 9:00am

Cost of the " Creating a Sustainable World, Training for Transition " ranges from $380 - $730 depending on accommodations.
All meals and access to Hot springs and property included.

For detailed information about the cost, to register for the training, and for other information please go to:
Call 831 667 3002 to register.

Training hours:
Friday, 8:00 -10:00 PM ,
Saturday,  9:30 AM-6:00 PM and 8:00 PM-10:00 PM and
Sunday 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

For more information contact Kat Steele at 831 667 3029 or Maggie Seeley at505-268-3339.

The converging crises of climate change, oil depletion, and economic instability cannot be solved separately or with technological miracles, but by lessening dependence on fossil fuels. But this doesn¹t mean a bleak future. The heart of transition is the belief that by engaging with enough imagination and ingenuity to unlock the collective genius of our communities, we can choose a future that is more just and sustainable than what we have now.

Participants will:
• Explore how the Transition process increases community resilience.
• Receive tools for community outreach, education and engagement.
• Learn how to summarize the triple challenge of Peak Oil, climate change, and economic instability in ways that move people to positive action.
• Understand and know how to work with obstacles that have prevented our communities from recognizing and positively responding to the challenge of energy transition.
• Experience ways that local social and economic community can be created and strengthened.
• Learn ways of creating a positive, shared vision for your community's future.
• Receive support for becoming a Transition catalyst in your community.
• Connect with others who are helping their regions transition to greater stability and security.
• Become a part of a rapidly growing positive, inspirational, global movement!
• Explore the opportunities for transformation presented by the challenges of peak oil, climate change, and economic instability
• Learn key concepts of the transition model, including permaculture principles, community visioning, and setting up transition groups
• Raise awareness of the need for transition
• Explore concepts of addiction to consumption and oil and the psychology of change
• Establish an action plan for yourself and your community
• Visit sustainable projects at Esalen
• Have fun!

Time for yoga, meditation, walks, community-building exercises, baths, and dancing is included.

This two-day course is an in-depth experiential introduction to Transition for those considering bringing Transition to their community or for existing Transition initiatives who are interested in deepening their understanding of Transition. It is recommended for local communities wishing to become an internationally-recognized Transition Initiative.

The course describes how to catalyze, build and facilitate a successful Transition initiative. It is packed with imaginative and inspiring ways to engage your community, and delves into both the theory and practice of Transition that has worked so well in hundreds of communities around the world.

Who should attend:
People interested in learning about the Transition movement in greater depth and leaders already creating a Transition initiative in their community.

Participants are encouraged to do advance preparation as listed below:

The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, by Rob Hopkins
"Transition Primer" (free)
- Viewing - In Transition (watch free at:

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