Training For Transition - Twin Cities, MN

Matthews Park
2312 28th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
Friday, March 25, 2011 - 5:00pm - Saturday, March 26, 2011 - 5:00pm

To register, please visit

$220 before March 4, 2011  ($250 after March 4, 2011)


A Limited number of scholarships are available. Application for scholarships is due March 4, 2011. Please visit for an application form.

GWI is committed to ensuring that people with limited incomes and from communities traditionally under-represented are welcomed and included in developing and directing Transition Initiatives in the Twin Cities. Towards those ends, GWI is making every effort to ensure that scholarships are available. GWI has pledged $500 of its own funds for scholarships and is seeking additional scholarship funds from other committed organizations and individuals.

Healthy snacks, available throughout the training, are included in the fees. Lunch, on your own, or participants may bring their own lunch. Please contact us for housing options for traveling participants.  An optional evening dinner potluck on Saturday night is being planned; others participating in transition work will also be invited.

If you’re interested in future trainings – please ask to be put on the contact list:

If you would like to ensure that the Twin Cities Transition Town efforts are representative and inclusive of the diversity in our city, please make a donation at

Good Work, Inc. (GWI) is pleased to host the upcoming Training for Transition. GWI, a nonprofit organization, is committed to helping and inspiring people to create innovative solutions that build a more resilient, just and caring society. As an ally of the Transition Towns movement and rooted in the Twin Cities area, GWI seeks to catalyze and support the development of local Transition Initiatives.

The Training for Transition (T4T) course is designed to give a detailed introduction to the most important skills necessary to successfully set up, develop, and run a Transition project in your locality. It is designed for people who are already in a group working to achieve this, or are thinking of creating such a group. The full curriculum for the T4T can be found here.

At the end of the course participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the context for Transition Initiatives, the current global situation and the transformational possibilities that arise from climate change, peak oil and the economic crisis.
  • Know what the Transition model is – including an in-depth look at the 12 steps, from inspiration, setting up the initiating group, all the way to having active and effective working groups.
  • Have experienced a joint visioning process.
  • Understand how to organize effective meetings such as public talks, open space days, and small theme working groups.
  • Understand the purpose and principles of an Energy Descent Action Plan.
  • Have the outline of an effective and inspiring talk on the Transition movement.
  • Have formed useful contacts with other Transition Initiatives and individuals interested in the Transition model.
  • Have a plan of action for themselves and their locality.

This training will follow the Transition model in paying attention to both the outer work and the inner work necessary for a successful transition process. The course is participatory, action learning-based and fun, with participants invited to share their own experience and learn from the many different transition projects represented in the group.

Trainers: Ethel Côté and Louis Alemayehu

Ethel Côté, from the Candian Centre for Community Renewal is a specialist in social enterprise. Over the last 30 years she has assisted the development of numerous co-operatives in a variety of sectors, including agricultural, agrifood, housing and childcare. She supported capacity building missions in Mali, Niger, Senegal and Morocco and is deeply involved in the International Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS). In addition to teaching college and university, Ethel has mentored hundreds of communities and social entrepreneurs, is a member of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network, and founding member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada.

Louis Alemayehu is a writer, educator, activist, poet, father, grandfather of African and Native American heritage. He facilitates workshops on racism, culture, environmental justice and community building. His writing has appeared in national and international publications such as The International Process Work Journal.  Louis is a cofounder of the Native Arts Circle, the oldest Native American artists organization in the Upper Midwest. Alemayehu was a founding member of the poetry/jazz ensemble, Ancestor Energy.   Alemayehu’s work focuses on teaching, writing, mentorship, community organizing, and Transitions related initiatives. Louis works deeply across multiple cultural communities.

Both Ethel and Louis are members of the Transition Training Community in North America

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