Transition Global Webcast

Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 8:30am - 10:30am

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Please note that the US start times of the webcast (converted from British Summer Time - BST) are: 11:30 am (EDT), 10:30 am (CDT), 9:30 am (MDT), and 8:30 am (PDT). 

Join the Transition global webcast to meet fellow Transitioners from around the world! The webcast will take place during the International Transition Network Conference in the UK.

We will go live to groups around the world who have gathered to take part, virtually, in the 2015 Transition Network conference. This will be a meeting of those of us who have are live at the conference and those who are unable to physically attend.

We welcome anyone at the conference participate in this session. We will be exploring two questions:

1) What I think is the same or similar in my country as compared to elsewhere (events, experiences, processes, cultureā€¦)

2) What I think is different in my country as compared to elsewhere?

After that there will be open questions and an emergent process.

This session will both be a window for those who are attending virtually to gather some of participants experience. And it will be a rare chance to experience the rich diversity and range and breath of Transition in many different cultures and places.

We will have a very experienced technical team hosting this event.

Please note: the webcast will take place from 8:30-10:30am PT/11:30am-2:30pm ET on September 19th.

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