Transition Streets - Stories From the Field

Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

Participate in this free TeleSeminar and learn how to roll-out the Transition Streets Project in your neighborhood! Hear from those who have already done this successfully in communities across the country.

Transition Streets is a seven-session program that guides neighbors through a series of proven actions that conserve energy and water, reduce waste, and save money, all while building a sense of community on their street.

Recently 12 local groups piloted Transition Streets in communities across the US - from San Diego, CA and Missoula, MT to Charlottesville, VA and Newburyport, MA - and the response we've received from each of the neighborhood groups has been incredibly enthusiastic.

While people have been excited to learn and share strategies for building household and local resilience, what's been most impactful to participants is getting to know their neighbors.

On May 14th you can hear from these community organizers firsthand as they relay their stories of engaging their neighbors, their plans and next steps, the impacts they've had, and their tips on how you might successfully roll-out Transition Streets in your neighborhood. 
We’re excited to further the reach of Transition Streets this May, and we’d appreciate your help in making it a huge success!

Here’s what you could do:

1. Bring Transition Streets to your community as part of the national rollout in May. ​

2. Participate in our upcoming Transition Streets crowdfunding campaign​ we'll be doing with partnering Transition Initiatives.                                                                      

A​ND – ​the Community Resilience Challenge is happening the ​whole month of May!

You can register your Transition Streets meetings and actions as part of the Challenge, OR organize a​ completely different resilience-building project​ - for your household of your community​. The goal is to demonstrate what’s possible when people across the country take action to build local resilience.

We hope you will join us.  Register for the TeleSeminar here.  

Photo: Transition Streets Pilot Group in Bozeman, MT

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