Transition THRIVE! Training – Chicago, IL (first in US)

Chicago, IL
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 9:30am - Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 5:30pm

Transition THRIVE is for a Transition initiative that is moving from the start-up phase and into creating community resilience

Two UK Transition Network trainers will lead participants through Transition THRIVE! This training follows the Transition Launch Training and takes up where Launch leaves off. In Transition THRIVE, participants will explore how to boost their Transition Initiative to the next level, sustain & gain momentum and learn new tools to deepen the Transition process.

To register for this training, go to:

Registration is somewhat limited for this special course, to be delivered by Transition Totnes co-founder Naresh Giangrande and Transition Heart & Soul originator Sophy Banks, both from the UK. As this training is designed for more advanced Transition initiatives, priority registration will be given to Transition leaders who have been actively engaged with implementing the Transition model in their communities. Those who are new to Transition are encouraged to take the Transition LAUNCH training course (formerly "Training for Transition" or "T4T") and will be put on a waiting list for the THRIVE! course.

If you are interested in attending Transition THRIVE!, please send an email message to Transition US Training Coordinator Scott McKeown at

Want to know how to take your Transition Initiative to the next level?  Come on and THRIVE!

We know it’s not easy “Transitioning”. It’s one of the hardest, but most rewarding, things anyone can do in these changing times.
Do any of these strike a chord with you?

  • Inspiring more people to get involved is not always easy
  • We could do more if we got the funding we desperately need
  • We need a local, green economy… but where to start?
  • What inspiring examples of jobs and enterprises are there that we could try out in our Transition Initiative?
  • I wonder if we could be more effective with our communication
  • Do Twitter and Facebook work for engaging with more people?
  • I know we have done great things, but it sometimes doesn’t feel like it

If so, this training will open new ways of living and working for you personally, and be of significant benefit to your Transition Initiative.
Developed by Naresh Giangrande, co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Training, and Jenny Mackewn a senior lecturer at Bath University and member of Transition Bath, this 2-day course is set up to work with each participant's unique situation and issues.
On July 18th & 19 in Chicago, Transition US, along with UK trainers Naresh Giangrande and Sophy Banks, will be offering this Advanced 2-day Transition Training.  We hope you will join us.

THRIVE! overview

Naresh Giangrande and Sophy Banks, will lead participants through Thrive!  This training follows the highly successful Training for Transition (now renamed Transition Launch) and takes up where Launch leaves off.  Thrive! is a positive exploration of the Transition model and process and looks squarely at how to sustain momentum in your Transition Initiative and what tools you need to deepen into the process. We expect each person to leave having learnt specific and attainable ways forward to boost their Transition Initiative onto the next level.

One of the main results of a recent survey of the Transition movement in the UK was that the ability to increase resources coming into the project – both time and money – was the main barrier to sustaining momentum in Transition Initiatives.  Transition Thrive! specifically addresses these issues and is designed to help you create a plan that is right for your initiative, and to help you achieve the next level of Transition in your community. 

We will be examining in detail how to go about bringing in the vital resources you need and how to maintain the life-sustaining practices that have made Transition Towns one of the most hopeful and successful social change movements.

The flexibility of the Transition model allows us to work with variation and diversity, which means we can look at the successes of your initiative to identify logical next steps and the pathways to get there.  We will be using the highly acclaimed Appreciative Inquiry process – a tool that can be used again and again in your initiative once you have learned how it works.

We explore and find practical and achievable ways to:
•    Reach out to the concerned but not yet involved
•    Fund your initiative
•    Create jobs and new enterprises in a local, green economy
•    Develop effective communication strategies
•    Find ways to maintain your personal resilience

We will be using case studies of what works for other Transition Initiatives and suggesting ways in which those existing strategies and projects can be imported to your Initiative.  As always in Transition Trainings, we will be weaving together theory and practice, information and experiential learning, and flexibility within a structured approach.

Who is this training for?

This 2-day training is for people who are…
•    part of an established TI that is moving from the start-up phase into creating local resilience
•    joining an existing TI and who are looking to gain useful skills and insights into their next steps in Transition
•    working with or for local government
•    from another environmental group who want to gain additional skills and insights into creating community resilience.

Who is training this NOT ideal for?

This 2-day training is not ideal for people who are…
•    new to Transition and want to evaluate the model and practice to see if it is for them (Go to a Transition LAUNCH –aka Training for Transition)
•    part of a Transition Initiative that is just beginning or about to start (Go to a Transition LAUNCH training)
•    wanting additional skills or awareness in how to communicate about peak oil and other reasons why we need to do transition,  fundamental skills around awareness raising, fundamental skills in how to set up and run an Open Space event, or the basic skills in how to create and run a successful initiating group (Go to a Transition LAUNCH training)
•    looking for detailed skill sets in how to run successful groups and group process
•    wanting to know how to give an inspirational and informative talk on Transition towns (TUS will be holding Talk trainings for this)

Cost and other logistics of Thrive!

The full cost of the 2-day training is $165. We ask for $65 in advance then we leave it up to each participant to decide at the end of the course, if and how much they want to contribute to this course as a way of expressing gratitude and support of its continuity in the future.

If you wish to stay on-site we have 4 single rooms ($30/night) and 4 double rooms ($45/night) and 3 king bed rooms ($45/night).  First come, first served.  We will have more information about off-site lodging in the weeks ahead.  

You will need to book your own travel, however if you are interested in driving we can help you coordinate with others along your route.

There are meal options at the venue.  More information on meals and off-site lodging in a few weeks.

The site for this course is the Institute of Cultural Affairs "Greenrise Uptown Learning Laboratory” in Chicago.

Dates & Times:
This is a 2-day course running July 18th & 19th, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Please send course inquiries to:

Scholarships make it possible for candidates to attend who otherwise would not be able to. Your sponsorship of candidates will build the Transition Movement in a most heart-warming and central way. Please contact or (707) 763-1100to discuss.

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