What the Climate Movement Is Missing

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 11:00am - 12:30pm

Peoples Climate Movement

Webinar Description:

More people and resources than ever are focused on the climate crisis. Yet, we move closer to cataclysm. Why? What strategy or set of strategies will optimize and focus resources to produce speed and scale solutions, those that produce massive greenhouse gas emission reductions fast? What is the climate movement missing, and what can we do about it? Ann Hancock, Executive Director of the Center for Climate Protection, will offer answers to these questions.

Webinar Presenter:

Ann HancockAnn Hancock has worked steadily on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, raise awareness about climate change, and promote cleaner energy use. She is the Executive Director of the Center for Climate Protection (CCP), which she co-founded in 2001. With over 25 years experience in community leadership, education, fundraising, and sustainability planning for the County of Marin, a Master's in Public Health Administration and Planning from the University of California at Berkeley, and as commentator for TomPaine.com, Ann has inspired everyone from school-age teens to government officials to build solutions that make sense economically and environmentally. She is extremely adept at finding common ground and bringing diverse sectors together. Some of this is exhibited in the milestones of CCP’s impact that are outlined here. Most notable might be their work on Community Choice Energy. “With the flip of the switch, greenhouse gas emissions can be lowered dramatically on a community-wide scale. There’s no other local policy like that,” Hancock said. “It also introduces competition where there wasn’t any, so it makes everybody perform better.” (quote from The Press Democrat)

Carolyne Stayton

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