Sustainable Table: What's On Your Plate?

Over nine months, Mischa Hedges and Digital Sense Productions traveled the west coast to learn more about our food system. During production, he found that the standard methods of producing food do not take environmental or human health costs into consideration. He also explored the many alternatives to the current agricultural system. Sustainable Table includes interviews with: Howard Lyman: Author of "Mad Cowboy", Kenneth Williams: Champion Vegan Bodybuilder, Fred Kirschenmann, PhD: Fellow, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Marc Grossman: Spokesman for United Farm Workers, Actors/activists Ed Begley Jr., James Cromwell and many more. Digital Sense worked with individuals representing The Sierra Club, P.E.T.A., The University of California at Davis, Organic Valley Dairy Farms, Chapman University and many others while producing this film. The result is a documentary that takes an unadulterated look into the food you eat.

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