Greenovators: Transition Louisville: Guerilla Environmentalism

July 15, 2009
Lacy Boggs
YellowScene Magazine


greenovators6_p33Transition Louisville:
Guerilla Environmentalism

Even if we’d wanted to, we couldn’t have singled out a green person from this group to feature. First of all, they call themselves a headless organization; everyone participates, and everyone has an equal share of the decision-making process, so there’s no one person to pick on as the leader of the group.

Secondly, every member has amazing green street cred: one is a green architect, one a purveyor of solar systems, one is apprenticing at an urban farm to learn how to bring farming to Louisville, one is a master gardener, one has a plug-in solar-powered Prius, and so on and so forth. They all bring something unique—and uniquely green—to the table.

The mission of the Transition movement (which has branches and affiliations all over the country) is one of education and community. The mission of Transition Louisville in particular is “working together for a sustainable future.” What does a sustainable future look like? In their ever-widening vision, it involves community gardening and urban farming, energy audits and green building practices, “smart mobility”—including a newly minted ride-share program taking advantage of the city of Louisville’s fleet cars—zero waste and much more.

Part of the program’s success and appeal is its deep involvement in the community. In the future, Transition Louisville plans to host movie nights (featuring films with green themes) and put on workshops and “re-skilling” classes teaching everything from the pros and cons of urban chickens to skills like canning, composting and home energy improvements.

For more information on Transition Louisville and the Transition movement, look for its booth Friday nights this summer at the Louisville Downtown Street Fair or visit

or the national site,


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