15. Environmental Change-Makers


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Years Active: 2005-Present

Current Activities: The Environmental Change-Makers (formerly Transition Los Angeles) run a permaculture-style food garden, co-host events at a community bread oven, host reskilling classes, and host speakers about powerdown.

Accomplishments: The Environmental Change-Makers have built two community gardens and a community-scale adobe-and-cob bread-and-pizza oven in our local neighborhood. Our fruit-gleaning work inspired the Food Forward organization (now a major nonprofit in Southern California). In more than 10 years of ongoing operations, we have taught food-gardening classes, crafted solar cookers, built Little Free Libraries, and more. We have hosted Seed School, Pachamama, The Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy's organization), Ed Begley Jr., Vandana Shiva, and Rob Hopkins, among many others. We were one of the cornerstone organizations leading the "GMO-free Los Angeles" political initiative (failed). We built a public labyrinth (now demolished). We have mentored community gardens throughout Southern California, helped launch several Transition initiatives, and our co-founders have been guest speakers at events across the nation.

Contact: envirochangemakers@gmail.com or 310-670-4777

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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