79. Transition Fidalgo & Friends


Years Active: 2013-Present

Current Activities: Transition Fidalgo & Friends (TF&F) has a TF&F Monthly Gathering, which consists of announcements and board updates followed by a presentation on a climate change-related topic. TF&F has initiated community gardens; community solar projects; grants and scholarships for students, business folks, and environmentalists; Fix-It Days; a gleaning project; candidate forums; and more. TF&F has co-sponsored skill-share series and fairs; encouraged the start-up of a food co-op and published the Living Well, Living Green guide, as well a creating a 100-page Vision 2030: Our Vibrant, Sustainable Community document. This document provides detailed information on eight focus sections: sustainable economy, emergency preparation, clean energy and efficiency, food, health, housing/neighborhoods, natural resources, and transportation. Each section contains background information, potential strategies and actions, and a matrix of overall goals, near term goals (0-5 years), intermediate goals (5-10 years), long term goals (10-20 years), and involved parties. Current projects in development are a local investment opportunities network and a citizen science project that will do plant and animal monitoring in the 2800-acre Anacortes Community Forest Lands.

Accomplishments: Transition Fidalgo & Friends' greatest accomplishments are the ongoing TF&F Monthly Gatherings, Skill Share and Eat Your Yard series of presentations, community gardens, community solar projects, a good, positive reputation within the community, and the willingness to learn and grow.

Contact: info@transitionfidalgo.org

Anacortes, WA
United States

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