70. Transition Town Charlotte


Years Active: 2008-Present

Current Activities: We have a public garden at the library which grows food for the local food shelf. We annually collect electronic waste to keep it out of the landfill. We host repair cafes twice a year, raising money for the food shelf. We regularly show films, have speakers, and book discussions, collaborating with the Grange, library, and congregational church. We host monthly "Green Drinks" nights, collaborating with a neighboring town. We participate in an ongoing effort to help our very rural town (4,500 people, two gas pumps, and two country stores) be aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprints and prepare for an uncertain future.

Accomplishments: Creating an asset list for the town, including items willing to be shared, skills to be shared, etc. Electronic Waste collection, repair cafes, many reskilling workshops, and home energy visits. A successful "great unleashing" event and hosting a "Charlotte Unplugged" event, encouraging fun without technology.

Contact: Ruah Swennerfelt at ruahswennerfelt@gmail.com

Charlotte, VT
United States

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