70. Transition Town Charlotte


Years Active: 2008-Present

Current Activities: As a small town with only two corner stores and one with two gas pumps, we have focused on education through book groups, speakers, and documentaries, reskilling workshops, repair cafes, vegetable gardens on public land, "green drinks" nights with a focused subject, collecting electronic waste to prevent it from going to the landfill, and, recently, a workshop on getting to zero waste, and other similar items.

Accomplishments: I can only measure by the number of people who are genuinely appreciative of our efforts. Also, we can measure by the number of collaborating organizations eager to work with us: our public library, elementary and high schools, congregational church, grange, town energy committee, town conservation commission, and town select board.

Contact: Ruah Swennerfelt at ruahswennerfelt@gmail.com

Charlotte, VT
United States

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