Becoming a Transition Initiative

So you have learned a little (or a lot) about the challenges and opportunities of peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis and want to start a Transition Initiative in your community. Congratulations, you are embarking on a truly critical and exciting path.  Many initiatives have told us that they cherish their formal status, and are very proud of having reached that point.  By registering with Transition US you are also playing a critical role in allowing us to paint an accurate picture of the movement.  Below you will learn about how simple it is to apply for your "official" status.

The Transition Initiative Process

Transition initiatives on all scales (other than national ones) typically go through a succession of stages, as follows.

  • The Initial Stage: typically, a group of people start to meet each other, start to discuss the Transition concept, and begin the process of enthusing each other to initiate the process.
  • The ‘Mulling’ Stage: contact is made with Transition US and the individuals or groups read the Transition Handbook, download The Essential Guide to Doing Transition or peruse its earlier version, the Transition Primer, and let us know of their ‘mulling’ status.
  • The "Official" Stage: the ‘mulling’ stage can last for a few weeks or for many months, depending on the group. In order to proceed to formal (aka "official") status you and your team simply need to:
  1. Check out the Transition Initiative Checklist and review it with your initiating team.
  2. Complete the application which lists the guidelines and asks for information about the initiative, as well as checking that the initiative is in the best possible position to proceed successfully.
  3. Submit your application by emailing the completed form to


Put Yourself (and your new Transition Initiative) on the Map

An important step in the process is getting included in the global Transition Network database (if you haven't alreadydone so). This repository hosts the growing number of people, initiatives, and projects.  As the US hub, Transition US actively uses this website for managing the process of becoming "official" so by creating your profiles you will be well on your way.




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