Joining Our Network

Joining Transition US is easy. By becoming an Official Transition Initiative with Transition US, your organization can actively join a movement of communities reimagining and rebuilding a better world.

Fundamentally, we are stronger together than we are as isolated efforts. We also learn more and have more fun together, bringing a real sense of vibrancy, purpose, connection, and joy to each other’s lives and work. A complete list of concrete benefits and responsibilities of joining the network is listed below.

It’s important to note that unlike the traditional, top-down chapter models of national and international organizations that many people are more familiar with—members of our national network are independent, autonomous entities, coordinating and collaborating with Transition US on an entirely voluntary basis. If any party ever feels that the other is not living up to their common agreements, they should first attempt to resolve their issues directly or by requesting a neutral mediator. We find that this works in the vast majority of cases. However, in those rare cases when conflict resolution is simply not possible, the partnership can be suspended or dissolved by either party at any time.

The following benefits and responsibilities apply to all groups who want to be recognized as official members of the Transition Network in the United States.


  • Membership in an established international grassroots social movement that amplifies our individual and collective efforts.
  • Ability to adapt Transition US branding for your organization.
  • A dedicated page for your group on the Transition US website, listing your current activities and accomplishments.
  • Your stories, blogs, and events may be posted to the Transition US website, which may also be shared through our national email list and social media accounts.
  • Occasional discounts on events, such as Transition Trainings and National Gatherings.
  • Access to shared technology, such as our Zoom video conferencing platform.
  • Access to special programs, such as national Movement Strategy Summits.
  • Access to leadership opportunities, such as membership on the Collaborative Design Council.
  • Access to expanded peer mentoring, personalized support, and leadership development.
  • Ability to receive seed-grants and collaborate on fundraising with Transition US.
  • Public recognition from TUS that your group is representing the work of TUS concerning a specific topic or geographic region. As such, TUS will provide referrals, share data, and partnership opportunities as appropriate.


  • Abide by the Eight Principles of Transition.
  • Establish and maintain an initiating or core group of at least three people with a clear mission statement.
  • Practice effective collaboration.
  • Work cooperatively with other members of the Transition Network, as needed and capacity allows.
  • Promote and participate in Transition US events and campaigns as you are able.
  • Update your profile at annually.
  • Additionally, regional hubs are required to demonstrate the ongoing support of all active and officially-recognized local Transition Initiatives in their region.

If you have any questions or concerns about joining our network, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 707-824-1554. As the official national hub for the international Transition Movement, we are here to support you!