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Projects & Campaigns

Transition US can support your Initiative in piloting or replicating the following projects in your community:

Transition Streets

10-Day Local Food Challenge


Resilience Indicators

Community Resilience Challenge


Recent TI Success Stories

Celebrate & get inspired by the amazing work of fellow Transitioners across the US:

Berea (KY) Urban Food Forest

Sebastopol (CA) Village Building Convergence

Media (PA) Free Store

Jamaica Plain (MA) Bridging race & class divides

Do you have a success story?  Let us know!


Transition Resources

The following topic areas, or channels, are repositories for the wealth of resources that exist on the various topics important to our work in Transition.  Here you will find links to recordings of past events and related TUS content, as well as suggested books, films, videos, websites, etc.

Organizing Your Initiative        Working Group Themes     Awareness Raising

Getting Started
Dynamics & Tools



Economy & Business
Emergency Preparedness
Inner Transition
Housing & Green Building


Financial Instability
Transition Movement

Guide to Building Thriving, Resilient Communities (a resource collection)

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