In addition to the formally designated "official" Transition Initiatives, there are countless other communities involved in Transition work. “Mullers” are groups and individuals who are interested in actively using the Transition Model in their communities. If you’ve read the Primer and are “mulling over” whether you might set up an initiative in your locale please contact us! Mullers are located all around the country (and the world)!  Search for your location and see who's mulling near you.


Add Yourself and Your Initiative To The Map

We highly encourage you to add your initiative to our central database. This way others from your community who are interested in Transition can contact you.  Similarly, if you search the database and see someone close to you already, perhaps you'd like to be connected to them too.  To add yourself to the map just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a personal profile at the Transition Network (if you already have a profile go to Step 2)
  2. Making sure you are logged in, create an intiiative profile
  • The initiative profile contains A LOT of information but please don't be intimidated. As a muller you only need to complete the required fields.  Over time, as your initiative matures, you will revisit this profile and add different bits of information.
  • Check the map and see who else in your area is "mulling" it over

We work with dozens of new mullers and initiatives every week and if you need assistance, please don't hesitate contact us.

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