Commentary on "Is Your Town In Transition?"

October 01, 2014
Original article by Jessica Stites, Commentary by Tenneson Woolf & Jeff Aitken


"At its core, the Transition Movement seeks to build the “social technologies” required to achieve long-term sustainability."

~Jessica Stites, “Is Your Town in Transition?”


In a commentary to Jessica Stites’ 2013 article “Is Your Town in Transition?” (originally published by In These Times) Jeff Aitken and Tenneson Woolf thoughtfully explore the role of Art of Hosting (AOH) frameworks as tools for harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of Transition groups.

Based on learnings from three AOH trainings Aitken and Tenneson, along with other skilled AOH practitioners, facilitated for Transition and community resilience leaders in Northern California and New England, Aitken and Tenneson emphasize the following frameworks:

·         Two Loops of Change (on emerging and dying systems)

·         Dynamics of Chaos, Order, and Control

·         Development of Core Teams

Click here to view a pdf of the complete article and commentary published in 2014 in "Reflections," the journal of The Society for Organizational Learning.

"As practitioners, social change facilitators, and participative leadership professionals, we are inspired by the qualities inherent in the Transition Movement:

  • The belief that communities must become more resilient in the face of global threats
  • The efforts to shift paradigms rather than prescribe cookie-cutter solutions
  • The willingness to engage in local experiments with global relevance

Our world needs innovative approaches created and supported by people everywhere. As we see from Jessica Stites’s stories of Transition initiatives from around the world, what’s essential now is a social architecture to support passionate citizen activists in their efforts.”

            ~Jeff Aitken & Tenneson Woolf, Art of Hosting practitioners


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