Don Hall – Eat Local, Transition Sarasota

September 19, 2011
Susan Nilon (Host)
Sarasota Talk Radio WSRQ


Susan returns Monday with guest Don Hall from Transition Sarasota. On the agenda is the group’s pledge to Eat Local. The act of eating locally has a ripple effect that results in far larger implications. Not only is your food fresher and better tasting because it is picked closer to home, but it has not spent days or weeks in the backs of trucks to get to your table. By eliminating long-distance trucking, we reduce the interdependence of food on oil and also reduces pollution, making for a cleaner environment in which to grow. The positive impact on the local economy when you support your hometown farmers is evidenced in the amount of jobs that are being created. Tune in to find out how you can have a greater impact!

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Don Hall

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