Farm To Fork Across America -- EcoFarm Conference: Sustainable Agriculture, Food, Love and Butterflies

January 13, 2012
Julie Brothers
Huffington Post


In a couple weeks I'll be attending the oldest and largest ecological agricultural gathering in the West. The EcoFarm Conference has been a centrifugal force for more than 30 years. It will be jam-packed with networking opportunities and information on the newest eco-ag developments and techniques. Hot topic Farm Bill 2012 lectures will focus on important policy concerns. Newly emerging topics are elbowing their way into the Farm Bill: local food, urban agriculture, farm-to-school and community gardens.

Here's this year's conference at a glance with Jillian Steinberger. Jillian owns and operates The Garden Artisan, an ecological landscaping company which designs, builds and maintains edible and herb gardens, and native hedgerows and meadows, based in Oakland, CA. She also writes on regenerative landscaping and farm-to-table issues for magazines and newspapers.


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