Kids learn to be gardeners with community aid

June 02, 2012
Janet Tucker and Stacy Doolittle
Hi-Desert Star

JOSHUA TREE, California — Students have been learning how to grow food in the high desert at Joshua Tree and Onaga elementary schools thanks to volunteers associated with Transition Joshua Tree.

Members of the food group of Transition Joshua Tree have worked closely with the two schools for more than a year, setting up gardens for children to grow carrots, lettuce, beets and more.

Transition Joshua Tree’s food group seeks to help the community become more self-reliant with a focus on local food growing, solar cookery and more.
Students at Joshua Tree Elementary School do their gardening in easy-to-relocate pots, which are kept protected inside a “critter cage” of aviary wire and plastic pipe constructed by food group member Douglas “Buck” Buckley.  

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Photo by Deb Bollinge, Hi-Desert Star

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