Local currency to be printed to stimulate the economy

September 08, 2011
Yasmine Regester
Carolina Peacemaker

(Greensboro, NC) In an effort to encourage people to support the local economy, The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro is hosting a class series on topics for the community that will teach the benefits of boosting the local economy. A non-profit organization, The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro is a Christian seminary that offers classes to assist adults with their own spiritual development so that they might serve in their own community by offering classes and retreats on a variety of topics.

“We think this particular class is very important,” said Ruth Anderson, director of the Servant Leadership School. “It’s based on some work that is being done around the country, looking at global problems such as economic instability, and work to finding a way to address these problems locally. How might we respond and learn together? This is way to respond with our neighbors, globally.”

This class explores the Transition Movement that is gaining momentum in the U.S. and around the world. Topics will include: rebuilding local economies, reviving local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production and the basics of permaculture. The 10-week class is based on “The Transition Handbook,” by Rob Hopkins, author and founder of the movement in Great Britain, and will include video clips and reports from local organizing efforts.

One of the class guest speakers will be community activist, Signe Waller on the Greensboro Currency Project. The Greensboro Currency Project is a community project that is forming a network of trading partners, people with small businesses or business people, with goods and or services to offer. These people in the network agree to accept a local currency as full or partial payment for their goods and services.  

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