Marin Clean Energy and the Transition Movement

November 22, 2010
Post Carbon on KWMR - Community Radio for West Marin

From the website:

A discussion on State Senator Mark Leno's hearing on Community Choice Aggregation initiatives with Marin Supervisor and Marin Energy Authority Chair Charles McGlashan and Mainstreet Moms' Director Megan Matson. The bulk of the testimony concerned PG&E's efforts to undermine the creation and success of Marin Clean Energy Program and similar efforts in other municipalities. 

In the second half hour, we interview Raven Gray.  Raven is the Founder of Transition US, which supports the emergence of the Transition Town Movement across the States, and a founding pioneer of the movement in the UK. An ecological designer, educator, writer, activist and organizer, she is fired to inspire people to restore the vibrancy and resilience back into our lives and communities. She's worked as an organic dairy farmer, ecovillage teacher, community arts activist, sacred sites steward. She is consciously committed to restoring the earth's balance, and is a frequent speaker on this topic and the urgent need for transition. Raven has a BA in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community, and an MSc in Holistic Science. She lives in a permaculture haven with her 2 year old son, tucked into the south facing hills of Lagunitas, surrounded by the beauty and bounty of nature.

Listen to the radio interview online here

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