Planning for sustainability in Northfield

February 07, 2012
Jacqueline A. Pavek
Northfield News

How can you improve local economy? Transition Northfield set out to answer that question on Saturday. The group hosted the third in a series of 14 meetings, collecting feedback from the community for its “Community Resilience Transition Plan.”

Transition Northfield is not an organization, but a group of people who share concerns over resource and energy depletion, said speaker Karen Olson. The group is part of the international Transition Network, and has taken inspiration from ecologist Rob Hopkins, who founded the movement and wrote the book, “The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience.”

Northfield’s group has been an official Transition Initiative since 2009. Their goal is to localize food, energy and other sources in the face of global issues like “oil depletion, climate change and economic instability.”
Sara Haase spoke at the meeting about the current economic system, and alternative options for a local economy. She said that the focus of our economy is on growth and profit.

“Do we need unlimited growth?” she asked.

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