Students Hoping to Build a Greener Future

January 26, 2012
Anne Schier
Northfield Patch

The YES/Transition Youth group built prototype year-round recycling bins and is working with the city to get them on the streets.


The YES/Transition Youth group is working with city officials to make Northfield a greener community.

The group, which consists of approximately 10 students from ARTech and Northfield High School, has been working with city officials since fall 2010 to install year-round recycling bins in town.

“I think it’s benefitted the kids,” said Mary Jo Cristofaro, team leader of the recycling bin project and member of local community organization Transition Northfield. “They’ve learned a lot about the process of working with the city.”

According to its website, Transition Northfield is "part of an international movement to relocalize, re-energize and build resilience in our community."

The YES/Transition Youth group includes NHS students connected with the Youth Energy Summit, a program focused on building sustainable communities. Several members of Transition Northfield’s youth group are also involved in YES/Transition Youth. The students received $3,000 in grant funding from the Youth Energy Summit for the project.

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