Town of Waldo

July 21, 2011
Jennifer Hill
Viilage Soup


Notes from the Hungry Heron Farm, July 21, 2011

Yes, they’re young and robust, but that’s no excuse for their shocking behavior. I was young once and I never rode around the countryside on a bicycle, refusing to get into a car. They’re college students. I was a college student once, but I spent every extra minute working in the summertime to afford my vehicle, to pay for my apartment and my tuition. These young people are living on $5 a day, volunteering their time on community projects! I tell you it’s enough to get the whole town talking.

Well, if Waldo isn’t abuzz about the New England Climate Summer interns coming to Waldo, Brooks, and Belfast this week, it should be. These six young people are so full of energy and fun that you just want to pull out all the stoppers and support their every project. This morning, they’re working with Skip Pendleton of the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition to build a walking bridge on Little River Community Trail. Yesterday, they worked on the Belfast Area Transition Initiative -sponsored permablitz, side by side with community volunteers, to convert Belfast resident Karen Ireland’s lawn into permaculture gardens. And, last weekend they built a compost bin here at the Hungry Heron Farm.

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