Transition Towns Find Ways To Face Climate Change, Economic Instability

June 20, 2012
By Jane Lindholm, Produced by Samantha Fields
Vermont Public Radio

Say you want to keep bees, or raise chickens, but you don't know where to start. Well, if you live in a Transition Town, there's probably a list that will tell you which of your neighbors has those skills and is willing to teach you. The Transition Movement began in 2006, in the town of Totnes, England, and has since spread to towns around the world - including six in Vermont. The underlying goal of the movement is to make communities stronger and more resilient, so that they might better weather challenges connected to climate change, peak oil and economic instability.

We talk to Ruah Swennerfelt, a co-founder of Transition Town Charlotte, Joan Bowman, a member of Transition Putney, Bill Laberge, a member of Transition Town Manchester, and Josh Schlossberg, a member of Transition Town Montpelier and a co-organizer of the Village-building Convergence, a free event dedicated to celebrating community and sustainability.


To listen to the MP3 interview of the radio program, click here

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