Wayland residents enjoy prescreening of 'In Transition 2.0'

February 16, 2012
Wicked Local: Wayland

WAYLAND — In the early evening of Feb. 2, the Senior Center at Wayland Town Building filled up with over 50 people. They had come from near and far to attend the prescreening of “In Transition 2.0.”

Transition Wayland co-founder Kaat Vander Straeten introduced the movie by pointing out that Wayland was one of only 15 communities in the world to prescreen it before the official release at the end of March. The honor, she said, is due to Transition Wayland having contributed footage.

The crowd settled in with popcorn donated by the local Whole Foods and watched the one-hour film, which shows neighbors helping neighbors move beyond fossil fuels and build a resilient and sustainable local economy and community in the face of climate change, peak oil and economic uncertainty.

How this works is shown in a series of snapshots of Transition Initiatives around the world – communities setting up community owned solar power stations, growing food in the most unlikely places, localizing their economies one grocery store and bakery at a time, printing their own money and even going electronic with it (the Brixton Pound), and rebuilding an earthquake stricken New Zealand town by time banking.

The movie lives up to Transition’s greatest promise, to respond to uncertain times with solutions and optimism, and in a world awash with gloom, to tell a story of hope, ingenuity and people power.

The reactions from the audience affirmed this.

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