When fossil fuels run dry: Transition initiative aims to prepare community for the post-fossil fuel world

November 07, 2011
Jacob Moffitt
Daily Lobo

An international initiative to prepare communities for life after the world’s fossil fuel supply runs out has presence at UNM [University of New Mexico].

Transition UNM is one of more than 800 groups in 34 countries that operates within the “transition initiative,” which is focused on encouraging people to prepare for and move toward a post-oil future, UNM alumnus Jeness May said.

“A transition initiative is when a community or a town comes together and pools their resources, their skills, their talents, their inspiration; it’s like networking,” she said. “What they do is come together as a community and find out ways to reduce their carbon footprint by asking not only ‘what can individuals do?’ but, more importantly, ‘what can a community do to reduce (its) oil and coal consumption?’”

Rob Hopkins, founder of the transition initiative, called the movement “the great transition of our time away from fossil fuels.”

May said Transition UNM is still gaining momentum and is working with students in the Sustainability Studies Program.

Transition UNM hosted its first event Saturday, which featured a performance by local band “Gatsby” and an array of dishes made with locally grown ingredients. May said the group’s goal in hosting the event was start dialogue in the UNM community about the depletion of local resources.

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