Wow! An amazing Transition Initiative

July 21, 2011
Joan Huguenard
Sonoma Valley Sun

There’s excitement growing in this village. Amidst hard-to-contain apprehensions and yes, let’s use the word fears, about the future of the planet, here in Sonoma, within an ever-widening circle, an infectious optimism flowers.

Profound changes of the global climate bring increasingly profound challenges; the depletion of easy-to-harvest oil, clearly spelled out in gas pump prices, profoundly challenges a culture fiercely dependent on fossil fuels while the global financial world faces profoundly challenging challenges.

Does all this portend a bleak and ugly future? Well, not necessarily to folks like Melinda Kelley who ask, “What if we engage as a community with enough imagination and ingenuity to unlock our collective genius to consciously choose a future that is more satisfying, just and sustainable? And, all the while having fun!”

Hold onto your hats, Sonoma – there’s already a model for such a process. A model now being implemented in hundreds of cities, towns and assorted communities around the world. And right here where you live. As a community, we are participating in the Transition Initiative.

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