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Upcoming Events

Training for Transition (T4T) (click to host a Training course):
Aug 28-29 Washington, DC
Sep 11-12 Colorado Springs, CO
Sep 25-26 Berkeley Springs, WV

T4T Bellingham, WA

Monthly Transition Salon
Thurs. Sept 16
(11:00am-12:15pm PT)

This monthly conference call is an open dialogue space where Transition Initiative leaders around the US meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together...(more)

See online trainings archive for recordings of past webinars.

Related events:

Northwest/Cascadian Transition Summit
Thurs. Sept 16, Seattle, WA
Transition leaders (and mullers) in northwest US and nearby Canadian provinces are invited to attend a one-day convergence in Seattle to inspire, support and educate each other. This will be the first bio-regional Transition gathering in North America! 
Details + registration

Evening with Carolyn Baker
Thurs. Sept 16, conference call
6pm PT/9pm ET

An evening hosted by Post Peak Living with Carolyn Baker, author of Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse.
Details + registration


Check out new posts from the Transition US blog team, including Joanne Poyourow of Transition LA, and several posts from guest blogger Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV in the midst of their tour on the road showcasing of community projects in the Northwest. Recent posts:

Local Government and the Transition Movement

Tool Lending Libraries
Fences Down: Creating Community in the City
Free Geek: Computers to the Community
A review of Local Money
The Fruit of Sharing

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Top banner image: Sustainable NE Seattle's Planet:Home clothesline display

Transition US Newsletter // August 2010

Summer greetings!

We hope you are enjoying sunshine and bountiful gardens. Here is a quick look at happenings throughout the Transition community from explorations of Transition Cities to local food festivals.

And check out this poster with a quote from our very own Rob Hopkins, courtesy of our friends at Yes! Magazine (take a peek at their Fall 2010 issue: A Resilient Community featuring Transition Towns): “Emerging at the other end, we will not be the same as we were; we will have become more humble, more connected to the natural world, fitter, leaner, more skilled and, ultimately, wiser.”



Transition Initiatives

Transition Initiatives are continuing to emerge in communities around the world. Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative.

photoTransition Cities
Host Tamara Banks of Studio 12 takes a look at the Transition Cities movement that is working for a way of life that is environmentally friendly...(more)

photoSustainable NE Seattle's Planet:Home Festival
The festival expressed the theme of our planet as our home by arranging exhibits according to rooms of a house...(more)

photoBoulder County's EAT LOCAL! Week
An opportunity for citizens to explore and celebrate the abundance of local food, highlighting local family farms and farmers’ markets, along with...(more)

photoTransition OKC momentum building!
Since launching, Transition OKC members have been busy with a sustainability center, reskilling videos, local food initiatives...(more)



Transition Network News

If you're interested in receiving updates from the Transition Network in the UK, where it all began, you can sign up for their newsletter here.



Partner Update: Post Carbon Institute

Visit for more articles, reports and news. Find us on facebook.

energy coverIn August we released three more articles by our Fellows from our the forthcoming book The Post Carbon Reader. Download FOUNDATION CONCEPTS: Beyond the Limits to Growth by Richard Heinberg, ENERGY: Nine Challenges of Alternative Energy by David Fridley, and POPULATION: The Multiplier of Everything Else by William Ryerson. More coming soon including an essay from Rob Hopkins.

If your Transition Initiative would like to have copies of The Post Carbon Reader available at a discounted 'Transition US' rate, please contact ASAP, so we can get a sense of demand. You can preview the chapters for free at



Transition Voice Magazine coming in September

imageTransition Voice is an emerging online magazine devoted to peak oil, Transition culture, and climate change that is looking for content contributors. Transition Voice was started by the steering committee of Transition Staunton Augusta in Virginia.

The Transition Voice format is journalism-based, with a clear editorial positioning and limited monthly content reviewed by the editors prior to publication online. Transition Voice takes as its model print magazines such as Yes, Grist, and Good, geared toward a US audience, but is primarily focused on peak oil and the transition into a new economy based in relocalization.

Transition Voice seeks volunteer content contributors in areas of assignment writing; journalistic video and audio; comics; movie, website and book reviews; along with select opinion pieces. The content areas include Energy, Ecology, Economy, Transition, Arts, Spirit, and Politics.  For further information please email the publisher at or the editor at



Zero Carbon World Concert

Join in the zero carbon world concert for a zero carbon world on Nov 27/28, just before the next UN climate summit, to show the politicians that a zero carbon world is possible. We have no time to waste - preparations for the concerts will begin on October 10th as part of the Global Work Party called by the 350 and 10:10 organizations.

Organizers are collaborating to develop the practical guidelines on how to do it. You can contribute by joining the email list by emailing with subject SUBSCRIBE or visit www.zerocarbonconcert.orgTransition communities have a great deal of expertise in this - after all, it's what transition is all about, so we hope you can help. If you have any questions or want to organize an event yourself please contact coordinator Chris Keene - email


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Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. We are working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.


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