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In this Issue:
Rediscovery & Redefining Wealth
Webinars: Fracking 101
& Legal Structures

Law in a Sharing Economy
Upcoming Training Courses
2012 Year in Review
Rob Hopkins 10-year Vision
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Transition Training

Transition LAUNCH Training  (formerly the T4T)
February 1 Dolby Ferry, NY
February 24 Big Sur, CA

This two-day course is an in-depth experiential introduction to Transition for those considering bringing Transition to their community or for existing Transition initiatives who are interested in deepening their understanding of Transition.

2012: A Year in Review

Year in Review

The world has changed since Transition US started in January 2009. Transition Initiatives are now in 130 communities in 34 states with Initiatives forming in 200 other towns and cities across the nation. Along this journey we have witnessed ordinary people becoming extraordinary, stepping out, working with others to create positive change.

Read the full 2012 Year in Review >>


Rob Hopkins:
The Next Ten Years for People and Nature

Transition Talk

Watch a talk given by Rob Hopkins last October at Communicate 2012: Breaking Boundaries, hosted by the Bristol Natural History Consortium.  

Read more at Transition Culture


Volunteer Opportunities

We are on the lookout for youth mentors, regional reporters, videographers, transcribers and more - visit our volunteer opportunities page >>

Support our Cause


January 2013 e-newsletter

We did it! Thanks to everyone who helped us reach our year-end fundraising goal to continue supporting communities to build resilience and launch new programs for 2013. We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Rediscovering and Redefining Wealth 

Transition Palo AltoBring Transition Town-style Sharing to your Community
Swapping things, sharing skills, building local economies, building community. Sven Eberlein writes about about Transition for // Read more.

Tool LibrarySustainable NE Seattle's Tool Library Grand Opening
Tools + Library + Public Space + Skillsharing....The NE Seattle Tool Library officially opened its doors to the public after much hard work and anticipation //Read more.

RoundupJanuary Roundup
Here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US and around the world, including the REconomy project at TEDxLausanne in Switzerland... // Read more.

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New Initiatives

Welcome three new Official Transition Initiatives:

Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!

Transition Gathering in Asheville
Transition Gathering in Asheville, NC November 17, 2012

Ask your questions about how Transition hits the ground:

Monthly Transition Salon
Thursday, February 14
11am-noon Pacific
An open dialogue space where folks involved in Transition meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together.



Webinars & Online Events

DON’T WORRY, DRIVE ON: Fossil Fools & Fracking Lies
Thursday, February 21
11am-12:15pm Pacific
Richard HeinbergIn recent months we’ve seen a spate of assertions that peak oil is a worry of the past thanks to so-called “new technologies” that can tap massive amounts of previously inaccessible stores of “unconventional” oil. “Don’t worry, drive on,” we’re told. Richard Heinberg explains that we can fall for the oil industry hype and keep ourselves chained to a resource that’s depleting and comes with ever increasing economic and environmental costs, or we can recognize that the days of cheap and abundant oil (not to mention coal and natural gas) are over.

Legal Structures for the Transition
Tuesday, February 26
11am Pacific
Janelle Orsi's bookSprouting from the transition movement are many new organizations - transition groups, time banks, food cooperatives, urban farms, and many more projects that don't fit too neatly into traditional business entity models.  Should you form a legal entity? If so, should your project be a cooperative or a nonprofit or something else? In this tele-seminar, attorney Janelle Orsi will provide a basic overview of the options and considerations. See info on her latest book below.


See all upcoming events >>

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Janelle Orsi's bookPracticing Law in the Sharing Economy
Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies
"To most law students and lawyers, practicing transactional law isn’t an obvious path to saving the world. But as the world’s economic and ecological meltdowns demand that we redesign our livelihoods, our enterprises, our communities, our organizations, our food system, our housing, and much more, transactional lawyers are needed, en masse, to aid in an epic reinvention of our economic system."

Congratulations to Janelle Orsi on her new book! Use the special discount code PAB12SHR for 50% off. The e-book will come out at the end of the month. 

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Post Carbon Institute Update

Transition US Partner | visit for more articles, reports and news

Power to the PeopleLooking for inspiration for the new year? Check for daily articles and resources includingReclaiming Our Imaginations,Welcome to the Rightsizing Streets Guide, and Enough is Enough

Our new book ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth continues to get great reviews as a really compelling way to understand our energy predicament. SeeEnergy literacy through an astonishing coffee table book for more. (Image: Flickr / jimkang)


Let's mobilize of thousands of new residents, create innumerable sustainability actions provide the community networks and cross-sector collaborations needed to Transition our towns and cities across the US.

Getting started

Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. We are working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.


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