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Upcoming Events

Training for Transition (T4T) (click to host a Training course):
July 30-Aug 1 Willits, CA
Aug 14-15 Durham, NH
Aug 21-22 Freeland, MD
Aug 21-22 Bellingham, WA
Aug 28-29 Washington, DC
Sep 11-12 Colorado Springs, CO
Oct 23-24 Albuquerque, NM

T4T Asheville, NC

Financial Permaculture: Creating ecosocial resilience and regeneration with commerce
Wed. Aug 4
(11:00am-12:00pm PDT)

This webinar will be led by Gregory Landua, and will outline the guiding principles and emerging best practices for creating Permaculture livlihoods that are optimized for ecological, social and financial surplus.

Heart & Soul Speaker Series
Transition is pleased to offer the third installment of our first annual Heart & Soul Virtual Speaker Series kicked off with Joanna Macy and Trathen Heckman.
Wed. Aug. 18: Kit Miller
Click for details + registration

Monthly Transition Salon
Thurs. Aug 19
(11:00am-12:15pm PDT)

This monthly conference call is an open dialogue space where Transition Initiative leaders around the US meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together...(more)

See online trainings archive for recordings of past webinars.

Transition Handbook 2.0

imageYou may have heard already, but the Transition Handbook 2.0 is going to look a bit different! Rob Hopkins writes:

"for the Transition Handbook 2.0, I am taking the original Transition model and throwing it up in the air, using ‘A Pattern Language’ as a way of recommunicating and reshaping it.  Transition has evolved and grown hugely since the first Transition Handbook.  The principle of it being an iterative process, of the sharing of failures being as important as the successes, has done it a great service, and much has been learnt as a result. New models and tools have been developed, and as a result the second edition of the Handbook will look very different to the first, but it will also, I hope, actually be a more familiar representation of the Transition you know, and also a more useful tool." Read more.


Photo by Ed Mitchell - Rob Hopkins, Pattern Language Workshop, TN Conference 2010

Transition US Blog

Check out new posts from our blog team, including Joanne Poyourow of Transition LA, on Transition in the big city and the 'End of the Economy, and Transition US Co-founder Raven Gray on 'Interdependence Day' and living locally.

Transition US Board

This month we welcome three new board members: Alastair Lough, AshEL Eldridge and Karen Lanphear and say farewell to Richard Heinberg although he will not be going far and will continue as an advisor to Transition US.

Submit Your News

If you've come across some useful resources, are involved in projects or have ideas for projects related to Transition that you would like to share in this newsletter please feel free to submit them to us at

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Transition US Newsletter // July 2010


It was with great satisfaction to listeners of our July teleconference with Joanna Macy to be reminded “to see the magnificence of this moment in our Great Turning” and to realize where we are in the context of these times. She suggested forming empathy circles where we are present to each other in deep listening. What gets liberated is not just our concerns but our energy and intellect to act in the world with imagination and fullness. Ah.

As the story of Transition in the US unfolds (74 official Transition Initiatives!) so does the adventure of Transition US. One current quest is meeting our $100,000 challenge grant. We feel some urgency in meeting this challenge as staff are now going without pay to stretch the remaining dollars further. Please give a hand with any size donation, local fundraising schemes or simply good ideas. 

Note: We will be gone much of August taking vacations! We hope you will enjoy time for renewal too.



Transition Initiatives

Transition Initiatives are continuing to emerge in communities around the world. Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative. This month, we welcome two official Transition Initiatives, bringing the total to 74 in the US:

photoA July Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the country and around the world...(more)

photoA Path Toward Energy Descent

Members of Transition Milwaukee in Wisconsin decided to challenge themselves and members of their community to reduce their carbon footprints...(more)

photoTransition Bike Tours

TransitionSF in California, has co-organized a series of bike tours that explore life-enriching food, water and energy projects in the city...(more)

photoSustainable Berea Awarded Federal Stimulus Grant

Sustainable Berea will be assessing people’s awareness and knowledge of environmental issues...(more)



Transition Inititatives Get to Work for 10/10/10!

Funding opportunity: microgrants to local climate action projects in North America is starting out by giving a grant of $1000 in North America—and are doing the same in other regions around the world. Anyone can submit a project (before August 7th), and anyone can vote the most deserving project to the top (beginning on August 9th). The project with the most number of votes at the end of the voting period (which ends August 29th) wins. More info:



Speakers Bureau

photoTransition Talks are an excellent and vital way of raising awareness in your communities. We recognize that not every community has that special someone who can speak (in front of a crowd no less) to the complexities surrounding the multi-dimensional crisis, and the hope that the Transition model provides. 

We have a number of accomplished and knowledgeable Transition leaders available for speaking engagements, all of whom have a proven track record of effectiveness. They can speak to a wide variety of audiences, including businesses, local government, community groups and schools. If you would like to invite a Transition US speaker to participate in your event please send us an email and we will be happy to facilitate that happening.    

Want to be added to the growing list of qualified Transition US speakers? If so, please drop us a note and give us an idea of your experience and area(s) of expertise.

See the list!



Transition Network News

If you're interested in receiving updates from the Transition Network in the UK, where it all began, you can sign up for their newsletter here.



Partner Update: Post Carbon Institute

Visit for more articles, reports and news

photoJuly saw the release of two more articles from our forthcoming publication The Post Carbon Reader. Download RESILIENCE: Personal Preparation by Chris Martenson, and SMART DECLINE: The Buffalo Commons Meets Buffalo, New York by Frank and Deborah Popper. Or pre-order the book and receive a 20% discount for ordering early.

Want to see President Obama put solar back on the White House? PCI is partnering with the PutSolarOn.It! campaign. Join us in signing the letter.



Related Events

Northwest/Cascadia Region Transition Convergence
September 16, Seattle, WA
Transition leaders (and mullers) in northwest US and nearby Canadian provinces are invited to attend a one-day convergence in Seattle to inspire, support and educate each other. This will be the first bio-regional Transition gathering in North America! Details + pre-registration

2010 Northwest Permaculture Convergence
September 17-18, Seattle, WA
This event will follow directly after the Northwest/Cascadia Region Transition Convergence, at the South Seattle Community College. This year’s Convergence have a focus on Urban Permaculture and the Invisible Structures that weave our lives together as part of the city commons. Details + Registration

Top banner image: TransitionSF Bike Tour visit to 18th and Rhode Island Permaculture Garden.

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