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Upcoming Events

Training for Transition (T4T) (click to host a Training course):
June 5-6 Asheville, NC
June 25-26 Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 26-27 Durham, NH
T4T Oklahoma City, OK

Common Challenges: How the Transition Process Helps Build Community Resilience
Thurs. June 10
(5:00-6:00pm PST Online)

WEBINAR: What are some of the typical challenges that Transition Initiatives experience? Join Tina Clarke and others for a discussion of some of the "tricky bits" of translating the Transition process into different types of U.S. communities. (more)

Monthly Transition Salon
Thurs. June 17
(11:00am-12:15pm PST)

This monthly conference call is an open dialogue space where Transition Initiative leaders around the US meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together...(more)

See online trainings archive for recordings of past webinars.

Transition US Blog

Our blog team has been busy - read posts by Joanne Poyourow of Transition LA, exploring climate change and getting to 350ppm, and the nitty-gritty of community resilience, Trathen Heckman of Daily Acts on the recent 350 Garden Challenge, and last but not least an inaugural post by our guest blogger Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV on their upcoming Pacific Northwest tour.


Find Your Power: A Toolkit for Resilience & Positive Change
by Dr Chris Johnstone 
Foreword by Rob Hopkins
(Permanent Publications, 2010)

With a background in medicine, psychology and groupwork, Dr. Chris Johnstone is a specialist in the psychology of positive change. After working for many years as an addictions specialist in the UK health service, he now focuses on teaching, training and writing. Chris has been active in the Transition movement, contributing to a chapter on the psychology of change in The Transition Handbook - see Rob Hopkins' recent interview with Chris.

Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a Resilient Society 
by Andrés R. Edwards 
Foreword by Bill McKibben
(New Society Publishers, 2010) 

Thriving Beyond Sustainability draws a collective map of individuals, organizations and communities from around the world that are committed to building an alternative future - one that strives to restore ecological health, reinvent outmoded institutions and rejuvenate our environmental, social and economic systems.  The projects and initiatives profiled are meeting the challenges of the day with optimism, hope and results, leading the way in: relocalization, green commerce, ecological design, environmental conservation, social transformation. (read more)


Last month we participated in the Green Choice Campaign 2010 which sought to identify organizations who are  showing environmental stewarship. Thanks to your support, we made the GreatNonprofits' Top-Rated Environmental Nonprofits List, along with some of our favorite organizations, including the Pachamama Alliance. Thanks for your positive reviews!

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This newsletter redesign was inspired by Transition Newburyport's excellent newsletter. Top banner image from the Transition Laguna Beach Great Unleashing.

Transition US Newsletter // May 2010

Greetings and Happy Spring! 

What a crescendo of inspiring events we have seen in these past few weeks: Great Unleashings in Whatcom County, WA, Carrboro-Chapel Hill, NC, Bloomington, IN and Laguna Beach CA; the first statewide Transition gathering in Vermont; and in our own backyards (literally) the rustle of people building gardens in the 350 garden challenge (in the end over 600 new gardens were installed)! 

Detroit will figure prominently next month as it hosts the US Social Forum, June 22-26. If you are going consider one of the workshops TUS Board Member Dave Room and Transition Trainers Tina Clark and Bill Aal will be facilitating on Building Community Resilience and Economic Well-Being and Social Equity. Our friends at Bay Localize will be there too.    

For those in California: Vote NO on Prop. 16! This is a PG&E monopoly protection scheme that closes the door to local clean energy. This kind of grab from local control has implications across the nation.

We’ll end with a reminder that TUS was given a challenge grant of $100,000. To all whose generosity has shone through with donations of $10 - $20 or $250 – Thank you!  We are $5,091.60 closer.

Transition Initiatives

Transition Initiatives are continuing to emerge in communities around the world. Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative. This month, we welcome two official Transition Initiatives:

photoA May Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition
Some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the country and around the world...(more)

photoGreat Unleashings Across the Country
Recaps of the Unleashing events in Carrboro-Chapel Hill, NC, Bloomington, IN and Laguna Beach, CA ...(more)  

photoVermont State Transition Organizers Meet
Organizers from Transition Initiatives in Vermont gathered in Montpelier, VT for the first Vermont State Transition Organizers Meeting...(more)

photoGrowthbusters Film: Hooked on Growth
Transition US leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area were interviewed for a film that plans to feature Transition as an alternative...(more)

photoTransition Media, PA: Beginnings

Great article telling the story of how Transition Media in Pennsylvania got started by Art Carey, Inquirer Staff Writer....(more)

photoTucson takes it up a notch: Cyclovia Tucson

 In Arizona, members of Sustainable Tucson, 29th Official Transition Initiative in the US, have been collaborating with the folks planning Cyclovia for Tucson...(more)

photoBig media in the big city
Transition LA has been capturing attention across the board from the South LA Earth Fest to the kickoff of their local LETSystem for community-based finances...(more)

Web Update

The Transition movement has grown in a large part due to the tools and connectedness made possible through the web. Its important for us to think about our dependence on the web in the work that we do and find ways to make our technology resilient just as we would think of other aspects of our community.

Ed Mitchell, Web Co-ordinator with the Transition Network provides an excellent overview of the recent developments with the Ning social networking platform and options for transition initiatives going forward. You can also join the discussion about options for current Ning site users following Les Squire's 'Open Message to all Transitioners' on the US Transition Ning social networking site.

Announcing Transition Drupal
At the April DrupalCon San Francisco conference the open-source Transition Drupal project was kicked off. Drupal is a popular website management system that specializes in creating social networks (its tag line is "community plumbing"). Most of the conversation about the project itself is taking place at (anyone can register for an account). There will be plenty of ways throughout the project to help. Learn more here.

Transition Network News

If you're interested in receiving updates from the Transition Network in the UK, where it all began, you can sign up for their newsletter here.

Partner Update: Post Carbon Institute

Visit for more articles, reports and news

With the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico shining a spotlight on the high cost of our oil dependence PCI offered 12 Fresh Angles on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, from our Fellows.

This month also saw the release of more of our PCI Fellows videos. Find out what inspired Brian Schwartz to devote his life to public health and how the realization that energy resources are finite led him to a deeper understanding of what will be the largest public health challenges in the future. (

Related Events

imageSlow Money's 2nd National Gathering
June 9-11, Shelburne Farms, VT
The beautiful grounds of historic Shelburne Farms.  A phenomenal roster of speakers, including Bill McKibben, founder of  The chance to hear investment presentations from two dozen small food enterprises and collaborate with folks... (read more, including a special discount for Transition US supporters)

Transition Network 2010 Conference
June 12-14, Seale-Hayne, UK
This year’s conference will feature a dazzling smorgasbord of open space and inspiring workshops, including some longer in-depth sessions, skill shares, project shares, networking, entertainment, all your meals, lots of meaningful fun and frivolity, and hopefully you! Details + registration.

US Social Forum  
June 22-26, Detroit, Michigan
Featured workshops:

Building Community Resilience: This interactive workshop will provide an overview of why the Transition process is so successful in building community resilience and how communities are going about implementing it. The workshop will be led by Tina Clarke (Transition Trainer) and Dave Room (TUS Board Member). Read more.

Economic well-being and social equity: The global Transition Network, U.S. Solidarity Economy Network (SEN) and BALLE/Local First are three movements creatively rebuilding local economies and networks of mutual support. Join David Korten, Tina Clarke and leaders of these networks to explore the ideas, principles, methods and programs that are helping people around the world strengthen community economic well-being and social equity. Read more.

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Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. We are working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.


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