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In this Issue:
350 Challenge Recap
New Official Initiatives
Transition Projects
Special event: Rob Hopkins
Upcoming Trainings (T4T)
New Blogs
Books & Films
Transition Network News
E-Magazine Feature
PCI Update
Get Involved

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Training for Transition T4T
June 18-19 Columbus, OH
June 25-26 Chicago, IL

Learn about hosting a T4T >>


Jon Young (3-part series)
Storytelling (recording)
June 14: Peacemaking
July 5: Culture Repair
Peacemaking has a history of success that has largely been overlooked by Western historians, even though many traditional peoples have successfully maintained sophisticated systems of peacemaking over centuries.
details + registration >>

Children and Transition:
Raising Children in
Changing Times (2 Part Series)
Thurs. June 2
(4:00pm - 5:00pm PT)

What can we, who are adults now, offer the next generation, those who are children or youth today, to enable them to grow into and through the difficult times people and our planet likely face?
details + registration >>

Monthly Transition Salon
Thurs. June 9
(11am-noon PT)

An open dialogue space where folks involved in Transition meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together -  details + rsvp here >>

Transition Network 
News from across the pond...

In Transition 2.0
People from around the world have been giving input to the making of ‘In Transition 2.0′ - the follow up to the first Transition movie. ReadDirector Emma Goude's update on this huge undertaking.

2011 TN Conference
8 to 11-July in Liverpool - details here

And, stand by for the launch of 'The Transition Companion', the follow up to the Transition Handbook!

Website Makeover

We launched our new website digs! Come check us out

The site features our full calendar, list of Transition Initiatives and mullers, toolkits, webinar archive, and of course, stories, videos and photos from Transition across the country.

E-Magazine Feature

We were fortunate this month to be featured in the May/June issue of E Environment Magazine, with highlights of Transition Initiatives across the country:

Going Local
Across the U.S., Communities Are Forming “Transition Towns”—Pooling Skills and Resources to Prepare for an Uncertain Future
May 1, 2011 | Patricia Hemminger

Read it online here >> 


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Transition US :: May 2011 e-newsletter

Congratulations! It's a wrap. The 350 Home & Garden Challenge was your campaign and together we can now tell a deeper and richer collective story about the importance of our movement. All the actions that were taken on May 14 & 15, big and small, are a reflection of the work that is under way in communities like yours. 

In total, 1,497 actions in 226 different towns/cities and 37 different states (and four countries) were registered! While it is important to capture the various statistics and communicate a large number of actions, the true power of this campaign is more difficult to truly measure at a national level -- we don't know how many cross-organizational bonds were formed or strengthened, how many people will be eating healthier this summer, or how many neighborhoods might now be consideringstarting a Transition initiative. We do know that our communities are that much more alive and thriving as a result.

VideoMany thanks to our partners and all of you who helped us spread the word. To see photos of the weekend, or view the actions map pleasevisit the challenge wrap-up page. And stay tuned for more stories, photos, and videos! (share your story)

(Banner photo: Placemaking project with Transition Whatcom)

New Initiatives

This month we welcome three new official Transition Initiatives! Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative.

Transition Projects

Northfield Earth DayMay Roundup: Transition across the Country - Building on the monthly roundup pulled together by Helen and Rob over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...(read more)

Transition WaylandOnwards, together! - 
Here's a story from Katrien Vander Straeten, reflecting on the the start of Transition Wayland in Massachussetts, from one person reaching out... (read more)

PlacemakingPlacemaking - Folks in Transition Whatcom rolled up their sleeves and explored placemaking as a tool for community building, creating two placemaking projects as part of the 350 Home & Garden Challenge... (read more)

A Conversation with Rob Hopkins

Join us, bright and early, for this special event with Rob Hopkins, originator of the Transition concepts and co-founder of the Transition Network.

Monday, July 18th
8:00-9:15am PT 
(11-12:15pm ET)
Rob Hopkinsvia Maestro conference call

Rob needs no introduction really but if you are new to the concept of "Transition" then this is a great opportunity to learn from the source. 

Mark your calendar + rsvp online here >> 


Ruah blogMeet our Newest Blogger 
Ruah Swennerfelt, hailing from Transition Charlotte, VT, is embarking on a journey to explore how our civilization can adapt to the 'perfect storm' of peak oil/climate change/economic contraction and her search will take her to Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Europe, and North America. She'll be posting weekly - follow along >>

Books & Films
(that Transition folk are reading and screening)

Urban Homesteading BookUrban Homesteading
By Rachel Kaplan with K. Ruby Blume
Synopsis: "The urban homesteading movement is spreading rapidly across the nation. Urban Homesteading is the perfect “back-to-the- land” guide... Full of practical information, as well as inspiring stories from people already living the urban homesteading life..." (Read more)
Bill McKibbenBill McKibben's Speech
 Power Shift 2011

If you have yet to watch Bill McKibben's speech (, here it is: In front of 10,000 young climate leaders, Bill lays out an inspiring vision for our movement, and issues an impassioned call to action.
Watch it on our youtube channel >>

Post Carbon Institute Update


Transition US Partner | visit for more articles, reports and news

natural gas report coverThis month we released our major new reportWill Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century? by Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes. The report challenges the assumption that natural gas can provide an abundant clean bridge fuel for the US, and has caused a stir. Catch up with articles in the LA Timesthe Huffington Postthe Tyee, and also, an interview with David onRadio Ecoshock.

PCI has also been in the press following Richard Heinberg's counter commencement speech to Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Read Richard's address hereand listen to him speak about it on Radio Ecoshock.


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